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Gnostic Press exclusively publishes the works of Shaikh Abdullah Isa Neil Dougan who was born in New Zealand in 1918. Christianity claimed his attention from an early age; later he realised the urgency of finding a method of channelling energy into inner development. This led him first to the Gurdjieff movement and then to Sufism. He was initiated as a Naqshbandi Sufi in Afghanistan and in the subsequent nineteen years until his death in 1987, continued to expand his teaching, adding to it from his own inner knowledge and emphasising the Gnostic basis of all true spiritual teachings.

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Abdullah Dougan


Titles available (some as downloads) include accounts of Abdullah’s personal quest, question-and-answer sessions held for his pupils, discussion and elucidation of Taoist, Buddhist, Gnostic and Islamic teachings, and paintings that illustrate the perennial ideas. Further titles exploring the works of major Sufi poets are in preparation.

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Abdullah’s paintings, based on the cosmic spiral motif and a particular colour scale, are intended as a visual guide to a realisation of what is being taught throughout his works.

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‘When a state of inner silence is arrived at, then outer religious practice is unnecessary.’ — Abdullah Dougan