1975; original 51 x 49 cm reproduction: printed 200 gsm satin 90% (approx.) original size custom size on request
A4 print
Negative Attitudes

War - A4

Editors' note: Without war and peace there would not be the Tao. You would not know what peace was without experiencing war and vice versa. It is not necessary for men to kill one another but, in the system we are living under, there must be war and peace. Through war perhaps the greatest range of negativity is given off to feed the moons of our solar system. Abdullah thinks that wars would be the direct result of the Earth consciously creating certain systems over hundreds of years.

The Holy Prophet once said to his men, when they came back victorious from a war, ‘Now you are going to have to fight the real war’. The real war, of course, is inside yourself. When you start working on yourself properly you are going to find two very conflicting parts in yourself and you will become aware that there is a battle going on in earnest between the name part and the ego. It is a terrible business. The spirit stands above these two and, much later, the spirit has to destroy the ego.