Voices from the Gnostics
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158 pages
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Voices from the Gnostics

Three works, the New Testament Gospel According to John, Pistis Sophia and The Gnostic John the Baptizer are explored as threads in the Gnostic esoteric teaching that has instructed mankind for thousands of years and is the core of all religions. Abdullah makes plain the unchanging basis of the many forms in which the Gnosis of Life has been presented.

The fundamental teaching of the Gnostics is that man has the possibility of spiritual evolution, that he may perfect himself and become a conscious worker with the Logos, the Christ, the Teaching – all these terms trying to describe something indefinable. The purpose of man’s existence is to come to a realisation of God, to go back to the Source knowingly. Life on this planet is a unique opportunity given to a human being to perfect himself and eventually become an individualised aspect of God.