1972; original 90 x 72 cm
reproduction: printed 200 gsm satin
55% (approx.) original size
custom size on request
Christian Teaching

The Crucifixion

Editors' note: Christ was but one of many crucified saviours recorded through the ages as having taken on the suffering of mankind. Men go through life suffering in an involuntary way, and the idea of Christ’s crucifixion was to depict categorically that one must die in a conscious, voluntary way. Dying on the cross is what we each have to do ourselves. We have to die in order to be born again. 

The crucifixion of Christ between the two robbers depicts the relationship of an ‘awakened’ man to a ‘dead’ man on one side and a ‘sleeping’ man on the other, and also the arising of a person to the state of man No. 5.