1975; original 81.5 x 61.5 cm reproduction: printed 200 gsm satin 60% (approx.) original size custom size on request
A4 print
Negative Attitudes

Self-conceit - A4

Editors' note: In unconscious man vanity, pride and self-conceit are common in both sexes. Self-conceit is more inner and, once acquired, becomes a fixed attitude whereas vanity requires constant feeding. One acquires a fixed attitude about, for instance, being a highly intellectual or religious person, then manifests that to others, expecting them to recognise it.

Self-conceit is connected with arrogance, boastfulness and selfishness and there is a lot of conceit in the acquisition of power. People totally consumed with self-conceit become narcissistic, completely wrapped up in themselves – other people hardly exist for them. But which ‘self’ are they conceited about?