1975; original 81.5 x 62 cm reproduction: printed 200 gsm satin 60% (approx.) original size custom size on request
A4 print
Negative Attitudes

Pride - A4

Editors' note: Abdullah said this painting shows that pride can have both negative and positive aspects. The lower part of the picture shows pride on a negative level but the top half shows the three forces operating. The negative aspects of pride are closely tied in with vanity and self-conceit; Gurdjieff usually referred to the three together. Racial pride is ignorance. Spiritual pride is the worst sort. It arises from ego when a person thinks he is very evolved or has special gifts. Pride can have a positive aspect as in pride of workmanship or pride in a job well done. For pride to be positive, in the sense of dignity, there would have to be three forces operating, whereas vanity is one-brained.