1975; original 50 x 50 cm reproduction: printed 200 gsm satin 90% (approx.) original size custom size on request
Negative Attitudes


Editors’ note: Inattention may have many causes arising from different parts – the body, ego, any of the three centres, even the part that is trying to work spiritually. What is happening in the third dimension can distract from a fifth-dimensional goal. Popular music and art tend to create identification and inattention as does ‘inner dialogue’ or associative thinking. Ineffectuality in daily life indicates inattention. Without attention we are driven hither and thither.

The key to working against inattention is to understand that you are identified and that to have real attention you need to have a separation. You initiate concentration from whatever part is strong enough to want to do it. You can start small by giving proper attention to daily tasks. Saying a mantra breaks down the inner talk.