1975; original 80 x 80 cm reproduction: printed 200 gsm satin 55% (approx.) original size custom size on request
A4 print
The Cosmos

Gestation (Man No. 4)

Artist's note: This painting shows man No. 4 and, on another scale, how the Moon is fed by her Mother the Earth. Man No. 4, according to the Gurdjieff teaching, is a man who has created a soul and is building his first higher-being body, the body kesdjan, which is something like the ethereal body. Man No. 4 has balanced his lower centres or brains, inasmuch as he is capable of using the three at the correct time. According to Gurdjieff and some very old teachings the Moon is a part of the Earth that was forcibly wrenched free by a comet hitting the parent body. Some astronomers believe this while others think the Moon is older than the Earth. Abdullah’s opinion is that the very old rocks found on the Moon came from the comet, which came from the centre of our galaxy and was obviously much older than our solar system. Gurdjieff also states that the Moon has no atmosphere and the Earth is helping one to be created, utilising the negative emotions of unconscious mankind. The three dark spirals in the painting are very significant, as are the shades of colour.