1975; original 80 x 80 cm reproduction: printed 200 gsm satin 55% (approx.) original size custom size on request
A4 print
The Cosmos

Chance (Man No. 5)

Artist's note: This shows how the Earth is related to the Sun and also shows man No. 5. There is a mistake in this picture in that the inner top symbol should have been red. This was the first painting Abdullah did and he concedes he was trying to show too much. The orange circular motif represents the Sun and the inner white section should have shown the Sun Antares which in subsequent paintings is depicted as red. However Antares, like everything existing, comes from His Endlessness which is white on the colour scale, so Abdullah decided to leave the painting as it was.

The small stick drawings depict the cyclic law, or law of seven, and represent a worm, a fowl, a man eating the fowl, the man dead, the worm eating the man, the Earth eating the lot, the Sun giving them all life. Man No. 5 is a man who has made his second body, his mental body. He lives a great deal under the law of three although he is still subject to the law of seven and is on a very high level.

Editor's note: This painting is also entitled The Law of Seven.