People often say that they do not know if their prayer is heard. We tell them that all prayers are heard. Firstly, they are heard by their subconscious mind. Then they would be heard by the guide to the conscience. They would also be heard further afield, depending on the intensity of the prayer. Your guide to your conscience is God in you, which is at a very personal level. So when you say that 'Allah knows', this does not necessarily mean that Allah as His Endlessness knows. His Endlessness would only be concerned with the galaxies and the cosmos; for our level of existence he delegates his authority. Everyone has God in them, therefore, God knows. The same principles apply through the cosmos from beginning to end. Allah is actually in us but we are misled by our sense of separation. Few people realise that what holds us all together is space. Space is the third force which holds us together and makes us, living separately in different countries, all a part of the Earth. In the same way, inwardly our spirits are a part of God.