There is another scale of time that can only be understood spiritually. It cannot be explained. These quatrains picture time as we normally experience it but also indicate a different time in a spiritual dimension. Another way of stating this would be to say that we live in the third dimension within our normal conception of time, but our spiritual part relates to a different time scale. When our spirit finally merges with God, it becomes part of this other time scale. No one can say how that is done, but we want you to understand that it does happen. We know it happens.

When you experience a genuine silence you are in a different dimension of time. At the beginning, you must struggle to be silent but when you achieve a real silence it begins to flow through you without any effort on your part. Although Abdullah has personally experienced this, it is impossible to explain to someone else. The silence is something within yourself, beyond your own comprehension of what you are experiencing. Through silence you are aware of another sense of time.