from Pistis Sophia

When the lion-faced power in the chaos saw Jesus approaching to help Sophia it grew still more furious and violent, determined to consume Sophia’s light. Relating the story to yourself, the lion-faced power represents the body, which takes the energy you should be using to work on yourself. There is no point in lamenting the tyranny of the body; you just have to make it behave so that you become superior to it instead of letting it be superior to you. On another level, the lion-faced power was simply a manifestation of God, as Jesus was − there was no difference between them except that one represented darkness, the other light. 

In her self-pity Sophia had no love for the others in the darkness, no thought of trying to serve them in any way. Everything is God and the key to all the problems associated with trying to get back to God is to serve without seeking any reward save doing his will. This can be done on different levels. We live in the third dimension as part of the Earth so you can look at everything as being Earth. On this level we are all one, and everything that happens, even thought, is from the Earth. Understanding this would mean that you tried to serve everyone around you. When you looked at your husband, wife, children, business associates, you would see them as part of the Earth, part of you, and have the aim to work for all, to serve the Holy Mother.