XIX. The ten things wherein one doeth good to oneself

Precept 9 advises ‘abandoning attachment to visible material things (which are transitory and unreal)’. To get a real taste of understanding about the Hindu concept of maya, or illusion, can take a long time. The third, material dimension is real if you are living in the third dimension – if you drive a car into a brick wall the effect on the car and your body is no illusion, but your spirit, which is part of the fifth dimension, is not affected.

The third and fifth dimensions are like separate watertight compartments – there is no crossing between them; you have a body because that is what God in his wisdom put our spirit into while we are on Earth. By struggling against the negativities of the body, which have dense vibrations, you raise your vibration to a finer form. When the vibration is raised sufficiently it can be used to feed your spirit. This is done by the third force of the Sun – the Work in some form. You cannot do this yourself. Your part is the effort to raise your vibration, exemplified by ‘… preventing the three doors to knowledge (the body, the speech, and the mind) from remaining spiritually undisciplined’.

The Work is the fifth dimension, yet it is always here among us in the third dimension as the source of objective morality and the intermediary between dimensions. When you follow this Work, you are part of it spiritually, but not in any concrete or material way – your spirit is quite separate from your body.