XXVIII. The ten great joyful realisations

The biggest mistake that humans make is believing that they are the body: they create duality by thinking that they are something separate from God. The Lord Buddha broke away from ideas accepted in his time of God and personal soul – ‘soul doctrine’ – because he understood that the idea of a separate soul caused people to remain fragmented.

Your body is part of the Earth; when you physically die it goes back to the Earth, but the essential part of you continues. The spirit cannot die. Your original face is constant, unchanging in its essence, its reality; it goes through life after life, having different experiences in different bodies, building towards the totality of what it has to become in order to merge with God. When a man achieves universal vision there is no duality in his awareness. He is absorbed in the One, lost in it, part of it. This is possible only because his ego has been destroyed. It is difficult to convey an idea of these fifth-dimensional states. Abdullah does the best he can with words, but words can mess up the picture – each person really has to get a taste himself of what it is all about.

You have the choice to be lost in the body or to raise your consciousness by working towards self-perfection, taking yourself out of the picture, attempting to come closer to the realisation that you are not your body. If you can gain compassion, it will act as a neutralising force for the identifications of the third and fourth dimensions.

Precept 10 contains our hope: ‘… the Path to Freedom … is ever-existent, ever unchanged, and ever open to those who are ready to enter upon it.’