XXVI. The ten virtues of the Holy Dharma (or Doctrine)

The precepts state the possibility for humanity; any person can raise himself up to a higher state of consciousness. People who have ‘entered the Stream’ progress at different rates, passing through different states during many lifetimes. At every stage there is order in the way their development proceeds.

Precept 4 states the hope for humanity in that enlightened beings return to this world to help others, although their influence is rarely recognised at the time. In selfless service they elect to come back, or are directed to do so by a higher force. Such beings would be at the stage of advanced man No. 5 or man No. 6 and do not need to come back for another life. The Buddha himself was such a man.

‘… there existeth … protective spiritual influences which make possible the deliverance of men …’ When you deliberately choose to put yourself under the protection of the Dharma – the Work – you are under divine protection. This means that things open up to you as you progress. The onus is on you to remain under protection by continuing to do your part, persevering with your work; if you lapsed into sleep things would stop opening up.