II. The ten requirements come next

These precepts specify what an aspirant needs in order to work on himself. First he has to assess his capabilities and make an aim; precepts 2 to 9 advise what is needed to fulfil the aim. Abdullah always advises a person who wants to work on himself to start by observing himself for quite a long time to get an objective idea of what he is. A clear idea of yourself helps you to make a realistic aim, which gives a ‘sure line of action’ for your work.

Choosing an aim effectively requires some balance, and some modesty and humility about what you are doing so you do not aim too high. You have to know what you are letting yourself in for and you must not deviate from your aim. If you make a wrong choice, but keep working diligently, you will eventually be led in the right direction. These requirements for working are directed to the pupil – it is not the teacher’s responsibility to ensure the correct outcome. The pupil has to put the effort in.