Pupil: We all seem to have biases due to our upbringing and conditioning and these seem to be convictions …

Abdullah: These are your fixed attitudes and the only way to overcome them is by bringing in the Work as a third force. If you were acting as a Buddhist you would have to bring in Buddhism, or as a Christian, the Christian religion as a third force. You would have to bring in one of these moral religions then take the whole thing a step further. … In arriving at conviction a person must be able to relate to the Work in a sincere way, because if you do not relate to the Work in a proper way you might go off on an ego trip, this is the problem.

Our first mistake is that we tend to think our body is us, then we work on ourselves as we are doing here so we begin to think there is sense in the idea that we have three brains, which is our name part. Next we become convinced that our name part is us, and later move to the idea that the spirit is. These ideas are the vehicle of what you are inside. When a person has this, it means the Work or God is working as a third force and helps them arrive at these different decisions. … When you get further on in this work you reach the conclusion that the intellect can only take you so far and must drop away. Reaching a spiritual conviction is what we are talking about here.