Pupil: Is it important to realise this is a planet of choice? 

Abdullah: You must know this is a planet of choice, this is a very important factor. You must use your three brains to exercise choice. The three brains cannot do this very well until they start to learn and have knowledge and wisdom. You have to develop the wisdom in yourself before you can exercise the choice. If you put an infant in the position where he could have a gaily coloured marble or a rough-looking stone which happened to be an uncut diamond, he would most likely take the gaily coloured marble. He would not have any discernment.

Pupil: So few people are doing [this work] yet so many have the choice.

Abdullah: The Christian Bible tells you that ‘many are called, but few are chosen’ … Many people touch these teachings we are talking about, but they do not choose to struggle. In this sense it is the deep part of ourself that does the choosing. You see, someone may come in one night to a group such as we have here and go away saying it is a lot of nonsense; others may come for a while and then decide ‘it is too hard for me’. What you have to bear in mind is that they have all had the opportunity to come to it. ... Everything is vibration and what we are giving out here is a vibration of a fairly fine quality. It goes out, but through ignorance people do not know it is here; if they did have this homing device in them they would home in on it. The people who are attracted here are exercising choice inside themselves that they know nothing of, as there is no liaison between the ordinary and deep parts of themselves.