Pupil: I have never been able to figure out where the body finishes and the ego starts. 

Abdullah: The body exists, it is real enough in the third dimension, but you yourself give the existence to the ego by thinking that the body is you. The ego does not really exist at all, it is completely imaginary. 

Pupil: Is it true that all our negativity comes from the body? 

Abdullah: Negativity is everywhere. It is a constant force. But it feeds through the body. We saw this last month during the election, when the politicians were working on everybody's greed, fear and selfishness – people experience these things through their bodies. They may believe they are thinking about it, but this is still on the level of the body. 

Pupil: If we identify with the body then the negativity is just part and parcel of the dimension the body exists in?

Abdullah: That is right. We are in the third dimension because the body of the Earth is in the third dimension and we see everything from this angle because our senses are also part of the third dimension. The great masses of humanity live in a negative way. This does not mean they are 'bad' – they just live in the negative vibration, because of their bodies. But there is also a positive force and a neutralising force and we can go against our negativities and generate an energy which will allow us to live in a more positive way in the third dimension. We can choose to work with the positive force.