Pupil: In what manner could we hope to understand that everything is vibration?

Abdullah: It is difficult to say how a person would understand it. From reading books on science you can find out that a chair, for instance, is made up of molecules vibrating at a certain rate. Getting a sense of scale would give you an idea of vibration as the basic principle. Each person has to realise this concept for himself.

As far as we can gather, the first thing would have been silence, a void, and out of this the three forces would have come. One of these forces would have been vibration. The Christian gospels say 'In the beginning was the Word.' The Word represents vibration.

Pupil: Do you mean the other two things were something apart from vibration?

Abdullah: In a sense everything could be part of vibration, but there must have been three forces coming from that original Silence or Void. There may have been something like motion. We know we are living in a spiral galaxy.

Pupil: Does the space between particles constitute some sort of vibration?

Abdullah: No, that would be one of the three forces.

* * *

Abdullah: The word vibration will have different connotations for different people, but in this chapter we have been trying to demonstrate that vibration is the one constant thing in our world as we know it.

The idea of God being vibration comes from the Gnostic teachings. Christians can gain the idea from John's Gospel, which is a Gnostic gospel. Conceiving vibration as being the major aspect of God in our solar system is just an exercise in trying to understand what God is to us individually.

In dealing with these concepts you should look beyond the words and gather as much to yourself as possible, from as much of yourself as possible.