Solar system

Pupil: You have stated that the Sun is God. In what way do you see God?

Abdullah: Abdullah believes His Endlessness or Allah or the Supreme God by any other name is the cosmic God, the creator of the whole of existence. This great Being or Vibration manifested and came down from the original Stillness through countless millions of galaxies. When you look up at the heavens you see thousands of millions of stars, and each of those may be a galaxy of a million million stars. The vastness is incomprehensible, and an understanding of His Endlessness is far beyond any man. We can have some small conception of God as our galaxy, which itself revolves around the centre of the cosmos and whose suns revolve around the positive Sun Antares or Ahura Mazda. Coming down to our own Earth, the forces which regulate existence are the forces of the Sun, and Abdullah teaches that the Sun is God within our solar system. The Sun is His Endlessness just as you and Abdullah are His Endlessness – everything is a reflection of everything else – but God as His Endlessness is without form, whereas God in the solar system in which we live is personalised. Within limitations we can realise that without the Sun we would have no existence on this planet. It must be understood that it is not the shiny ball we think of as God, but the spirit and forces behind this.

Pupil: I find it difficult to relate to the Sun, to realise, for instance, that God does love me.

Abdullah: You have to slowly build up in yourself a concept of God and the remembrance of him. You can say your mantras, pray, and have a little humility, but the best way for a person to gain some idea of God is to go out on a clear night and look at the stars. If you are patient and quiet enough, you will certainly have engendered in you a concept of the marvellousness and magnificence of His Endlessness, or our galaxy. During the day we can feel how miserable and small we are in relation to our own Sun.

Neil [Abdullah as a younger man] was brought up as a Christian but had, like so many people, thrown out the baby with the bath water in rejecting the outer part of Christianity. At the time he became a soldier he was an agnostic, but then he spent several years in the desert, lying out night after night under the stars, and slowly he started to get some feeling and understanding of the magnificence of Allah, of God, and he learned some humility. If you have humility in relation to the solar system and realise that you are just a very small part of it, you must eventually gain a concept of God. Each person must understand for himself, in his own way, the forces behind the Sun.