The Light Supernal

Man has choice, and this is the miracle of our existence. We have the possibility of working on a negative aspect and turning it into something positive. Human beings can make this fantastic step – it is like swimming in the sea and keeping dry at the same time. We are all swimming in a sea of negativity but we have the possibility of putting on a protective ‘wetsuit’ to keep dry. This idea is conveyed in the Bible in the story of Jesus walking on water.

When you start working on yourself, denying your negativity and building up some energy, you will allow positive forces to pass through you. Love is one of these forces. It comes through the Sun, through the Earth, to mankind. Love is a commodity, it is there. You do not love, but love flows through you when you are receptive to it. Conversely, hate flows through you if that is the vibration you are in tune with. We are just instruments.