Spiritual evolution

It is evident that the evolution of life on the planet comes about by mutation, often by means of X-rays, through which new species arise. In one of these mutations man was given the possibility of developing an intellect. Through the same principle our Father the Sun also passes on knowledge, and from time to time messengers from above are given into the world. These messengers do not come down complete with chariot to teach mankind but are on a completely different level, and their advent is in accordance with the laws of mutation. The results of the mutations which became man developed intellect over thousands of years, and when the time was right one being was chosen to undergo further mutation. He was shown a certain amount about sleep, so that he worked against the herd instinct and developed a little. Before he died he passed on some knowledge to those around him, and thus the ground was tilled for the evolution of the real teacher. Always there has been a relationship between Sun and man because, remember, man is from the Sun and is an aspect of the Sun trying to know himself. When man began looking inside himself he was able to find out about the Sun, and in this way spiritual evolution took place. As man went deeper inside himself he queried everything, which led him to pray, to ask for assistance from somewhere.

Throughout his history man has prayed to Something. In his distant beginnings he prayed to the dead, and from burying food to sustain the dead in the next life, primitive man is believed to have learned about the rotation of crops. Death, or body and blood, was associated with the fertility of the soil and even today certain tribes spread the remains of a sacrifice at the four corners of a field. Later the cornerstones of a field were worshipped, from which came phallic worship. As civilisations grew, kings were worshipped as gods. Over many thousands of years complex systems of worship developed, including the major religions we know today. 

Because of the law of vibration the prayer of awakening man attracted a sympathetic response from our Father the Sun. After a time, those who gained knowledge started schools because it soon became apparent that each had to keep the other awake; at that stage, just as today, no one was awake all the time. It also became apparent that ordinary mankind did not want to wake up so the inner and outer divisions of religion evolved. Those who knew something decided it would be best to tell the ordinary people, to try to keep some balance, and from time to time all the truth was given out in parable form and in plays, in the hope that more people would understand. This practice is still in operation and the great masses of people have access to most of the esoteric knowledge through books, although only a very few avail themselves of it. The vast majority of contemporary mankind wants only to satisfy the body, and reads and listens to that which pleases earthly desires. This is an era of worship of the body, indulged in by socialist as well as capitalist. Poor people seek to emulate the rich, who appear to lead such pleasant lives, and most people see equality as the right to indulge their bodies the same as everybody else. When one worships the body there is no need for prayer other than the nagging urge to satisfy wants, and the body becomes the deity. Real prayer is primarily concerned not with the body but with the spirit which, because it cannot be seen, is ruled out by many people. Socialists, with their purely materialistic conception of history, regard prayer as a waste of time. Because so many millions of people do not see the need for prayer or do not want to make the effort, the vibration or energy from prayer is available in good quantity for those who do pray.