The concept of God

Everything has an atmosphere – you, Abdullah, this book you are reading. All is vibration; the Holy Prophet was correct in stating that there is none other than God. However, it is better to worship something we can know a little about. All religions are given out at the correct time to fulfil a certain need. Ever since man has had record it is observable that he has worshipped the sun and the stars as mysterious and powerful things which he did not understand. It could be argued that in saying that the Sun is the God of our solar system Abdullah is reverting to these primitive thoughts. Abdullah is well aware that people always make some God for themselves, whether it be a piece of wood, a stone, a sun, a star, or sometimes a God without form. The idea of the Sun as the God of our solar system is a continuation of the order coming down from His Endlessness or Allah, who is the God of everything existing. The Sun is also His Endlessness, just as the reader and Abdullah are His Endlessness, but His Endlessness is so far removed from man as to be virtually nonexistent. The forces of the Sun are the forces that regulate our existence in this solar system. God as His Endlessness is without form, but God as the solar system in which we live is God in a personalised way. 

Inasmuch as people walk on the Earth and think that the Earth is something to be walked on, they do not realise that this planet is a living being of which they are only a very minor part. Man's possibility is that he can learn to serve the Earth, and in turn the Sun, in a conscious way. It behoves all of us to make this step, which can be done only by struggle within ourselves to understand these ideas. Most people's attitudes toward God are conditioned by the idea of reward and punishment, but if we have some conception of the solar system, and the Sun as our God in the solar system, we will understand that it is only when we do some action that a result can ensue, and in this way will comprehend there is no person sitting above who hits us on the head when we are bad and pats us on the back when we are good. On this scale neither good nor bad exists. Certain forces are operating, and if we go in harmony with them we will get a result which we can call 'good', if we go against them and create disharmony we get a result which we can call 'bad'.