Man in the solar system

There is only one truth, and there can be only one truth. Abdullah is trying to give a method which will enable each person to find this truth for himself. In this and the following chapters Abdullah will endeavour to elaborate his teaching, which is based on the teachings of Mr Gurdjieff, Inayat Khan, the ancient Sufis, Ramdas, the Lord Buddha and Zoroaster.

Man lives in either a conscious, asleep or dead state. He is on this planet to fulfil several functions required by the Earth and Sun, who are conscious beings. Everything existing must feed on something else existing and if man is dead or negative he feeds the moon, if he is awake he can feed the Earth or the Sun. Man and animals feed on plants and other animals, and in turn are eaten by the Earth in one way and the Sun in another. The Earth converts the lifeless body with fire, dirt and water, and many men end up as food on a physical scale for some of the lowliest of creatures – worms and sea lice. On a bigger scale, the feeding is to do with vibration. Everything must build up an atmosphere, which is created by subtle vibrations. When a man, animal, insect or any other sentient being dies, at that point a vibration goes to the Sun – this is the life force which was breathed in at birth. It is most important to grasp the fact that man does not breathe, but is breathed. When a person without a magnetic centre dies, certain vibrations are absorbed by the moon, the Earth takes the physical body and other vibrations, and the Sun also takes what it requires.