Giving and receiving

Once upon a time there was a very kind man who used to try and always do good deeds towards everybody. If ever he saw anybody who was hungry, he would give him food, and if he saw a person who was lame, he would help him across the road.

One day he met a blind man who he thought looked thin, so he resolved to take him to his house for a dinner. Although the kind man was in a hurry to go about his business, he said to the blind man, 'I would like you to come to my house for some dinner tonight.' The blind man was very grateful for this offer, and the kind man told him his address.

When the kind man went home he told his wife, 'I want you to cook an extra portion tonight, as I have invited a blind man home for a meal.'

His wife replied, 'Did you tell him where to come to our house?' The husband said he had. She then said, 'Well in that case I will cook two extra portions because the blind man will need someone to show him the way.'

When we give something we must always remember that someone is going to receive it, therefore we should think about the results of our actions. If you give without thinking then the other will only take, because in giving properly you allow the other person to receive graciously which means you give them happiness as well as the present.