Once upon a time there was a king who had a slave who was a very good and honest worker. The slave was serving the king because he absolutely loved him. He tried to please the king in every way. The slave was loveable to all those around him as well, so slowly the king raised him up to different positions, until in the end he made him his Prime Minister.

All the other people who thought they should have the job were quite annoyed with this, so eventually they summoned up enough courage to go to the king to tell him. The king said, 'Alright, if this is what you think, I will meet you at exactly four o'clock in a garden rest house five miles from the city. He who arrives there first will be the one who will be made the Prime Minister.' So they all agreed to this plan. Soon afterwards the king talked to the slave who was the Prime Minister and told him what he had said to the other people. The king asked the Prime Minister to build houses and camps and all kinds of diversions such as side shows and shops along the road to the rest house in the country. The king had these places equipped with restaurants with food and drink as well, and then the time came for the meeting.

The Prime Minister, along with all the other people, started on the journey and when they walked along the road the other ministers were tempted to see the shows. Some of them started watching the entertainments and going to the restaurants where they could have food without paying. They thought there was plenty of time to get to their meeting by four o'clock. The majority of these people were going from one place of entertainment to the other, but the slave who was Prime Minister kept on walking. He arrived at the rest house an hour or so before the appointed time, but the other ministers only started arriving a few minutes later, some of them half an hour or even an hour late and there were a few of them who did not even turn up at all.

So the next day the king saw all the ministers and addressed them saying, 'Now you know why I made my slave the Prime Minister.' 

The Prime Minister is our Holy Mother the Earth and in our bodies we are part of her. She gives us all the sideshows but we must always press on towards the King who is Allah.