About forty years ago there lived in France a great teacher of esoteric knowledge, the same knowledge we are learning here. This man had many pupils living with him, and he had given each pupil a certain job to do.

A young boy called Fritz lived in the house; his job was to mow the lawns which were big, and he had only a push mower to use, so the job took nearly all day to complete. 

One day the teacher had an accident in his motor car, and was very badly hurt, so some pupils expected he would die. On the day that Fritz usually mowed the lawn he took the mower out and started the job. The doctor and other pupils came running out and told him he must stop the mowing as it made too much noise and might disturb the teacher. Fritz replied, 'The master told me I had to do the lawn and so I will mow.' He kept mowing until he had finished. 

After a few months the teacher was slowly getting better, and during all that time Fritz mowed the lawns each week, despite the fact that the other pupils told him not to. 

When the teacher was better he called Fritz in to see him and told him he was very pleased that he had done the right thing in keeping on with his job. 

This story shows us that we should do jobs out of love instead of fear or looking for any rewards.