Day 8

Zaid: I have difficulty in praying out of love and because of a wish to pray. Prayer often comes through the day out of a sincere wish to pray, but evening and morning prayers are often performed as a duty and a discipline. Will consistency help to make a change in attitude?

Abdullah: Yes. If you want to learn to play the piano you must practise. When people find it hard to do one of these disciplines then they must find out where the blockage is coming from in themselves. It may be from ego, body, vanity and conceit, laziness, inattention, or identification with some other thing such as bed, sex or tiredness. When you pray spontaneously through the day, this is coming from the spirit and the emotional part of yourself, and should be fostered as much as possible. If this is done, then the same part will be able to do the prayers at a set time morning and night.