• Artwork: The Search: Prayer [2]
    1977; original 81 x 59 cm
    reproduction: printed 200 gsm satin
    60% (approx.) original size
    custom size on request
    The Search

    Prayer [2]

    Artist's note: If one is searching for God, eventually one encounters the concept of prayer. All outer religion has set prayers and people have prayed to some god or other from time immemorial. Prayer is tied up with faith either in ourselves or in something above. The businessman who follows the practice of autosuggestion is praying to himself, while the communist is praying to the State, which is a part of the Earth. The Holy Prophet says ‘trust in God, but hobble your camel’, which is good advice because we may appeal to something above for help, but in the end we must help ourselves if we want to come to perfection. Unselfish prayer can cut through the density of life and is the connection between man and God.