• Artwork: The Cosmos: Fate (Man No. 6) [2]
    1975; original 80 x 80 cm
    reproduction: printed 200 gsm satin
    55% (approx.) original size
    custom size on request
    The Cosmos

    Fate (Man No. 6)

    Artist's note: This painting shows the relationship of the Sun to Antares and His Endlessness and also shows man No. 6. The painting depicts our galaxy encompassed by His Endlessness while outside are other galaxies. The relationship illustrated is between Earth and Sun, and Sun and Antares. The painting also shows man in relation to the Earth and above. Man No. 6 is a rarity on this planet. He is connected to Antares. The men No. 6 Abdullah knows of who lived on the Earth are the Buddha, Zoroaster and Hazrat Ali.

    Editor's note: This painting is also entitled The Law of Three.