• Artwork: Negative Attitudes: Impatience
    1975; original 81 x 62 cm
    reproduction: printed 200 gsm satin
    60% (approx.) original size
    custom size on request
    Negative Attitudes


    Editors’ note: Generally people who are impatient think they know where they are going and want everybody else to get out of their way. It is because we do not consider others that we are impatient – it is directly associated with selfishness. Abdullah noted that impatient people tend to be always punctual and are usually irritable and optimistic. Impatience often has a childlike quality – wanting the next thing to happen.

    This painting shows the law of seven; impatience is cyclical. The pairs of opposites need a third force to bring reconciliation. When we become impatient we show a lack of intellect.