The Call of Silence – Reflections on the Tao-Teh-King


The Call of Silence

Reflections on the Tao-Teh-King
These reflections on the Tao-Teh-King illuminate the universal truth that is at the heart of all true teachings. Abdullah hoped that by giving some insight into this Taoist work, readers would be able to take the ideas further and reach a deeper understanding within themselves. ‘For mankind to have been given such a jewel as this Taoist teaching is a rare occurrence. If a person could really understand what the Tao-Teh-King is about he would give up everything else.’

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Excerpts from this book
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There is one thing in the universe that we can not see with our eyes, nor hear with our ears, nor grasp by our perceiving mind, which our senses fail to perceive or our mind fails to grasp yet may be realized in meditation…If we concentrate our mind upon it, our mind becomes unified with it and becomes as empty as open space.

The fifth-dimensional concept of the Tao is way beyond the third- and fourth-dimensional capabilities of words and thought, which is why you must have a silence to have any true knowledge of it. You must learn about the silence yourself.
What most people call silence is only an absence of noise, an absence of the rattling around of the formatory apparatus and associative thinking. Getting rid of the noise is the first step, and is all that the mind is capable of. You have to work hard to get some silence in yourself, first by practising Ramnam—you come to the silence by remembrance.
When the silence does happen, it is there, it is something you have discovered in yourself. It has been there all the time, you have not heard it because of all the junk inside yourself, then one day you get a taste of it. Then it will be remembrance that brings you back to it.


Tao means ‘the way’. We have to try to understand the principle of Tao. If you are a Christian you might say it was God. You could apply all kinds of names and ideas to it, but basically it is a principle, a force that is coming through. Abdullah thinks it best to see it as an energy of God…